The Mayor of Progresso, Texas, Gerardo "Jerry" Alanis Martinez, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess more than 5 kilograms of cocaine. According to, intent to distribute carries a possible punishment of no less than 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10 million.  Progresso, Texas is located about 22 miles Southeast of Harlingen on the Mexico Border.

It is also reported that the brother of the Mayor was also arrested in October of 2023 for drug smuggling charges. He was also employed by the School district as school board president.

VIDEO: Check Out The San Antonio Riverwalk Without Water

For those of you who don't know, The San Antonio Riverwalk is currently drained for maintenance.  Maintenance is scheduled bi-annually and is typically scheduled in January! This year it is scheduled to be drained from January 12-21, 2024. The question then becomes, what do you find in the river? Check out some funky Riverwalk finds below.

@treywilsonattorneytx Time for and maintenance. Crazy what they find down there. Soneone has a rough ride on a #birdscooter #mud #tourism #emptyriver #texas #cleaning #maintenance #walk #stroll #river #sanantonio #riverwalk ♬ Hooligang - Joey Valence & Brae

According to the website, Public Works and Center City Development & Operations work together to maintain the San Antonio River Walk. Through maintenance, they can improve water quality and ensure the structural integrity of the main river channel, river loop, and extension areas. Check out the map of river closures.

What's at the bottom of the river?

Ever wonder what is at the bottom of the Riverwalk?

Well, you're in luck, thanks to Youtuber 'Jigging With Jordan', Brandon Jordan, fisherman, and treasure hunter, Brandon takes us on a deep dive with funky finds from the bottom of the Riverwalk. Check this out!

Here are a few of the finds from Brandon's Jordans Riverwalk dive.

Funky Finds At the Bottom of the SA River Riverwalk

Gallery Credit: Youtube/Jigging with Jordan

 Just so you know, the Riverwalk is more than an attraction.

KWSanAntonio offers a great read on 15 things you might not know about the Riverwalk including that the Riverwalk serves as an important drainage and floodgate system for the city of San Antonio. Check this out! Nearly 50 people were killed in 1921 as a result of a downtown flood in San Antonio! So, the Riverwalk actually started as an idea for a drainage system incorporating the San Antonio River. That was before Robert Hugman introduced the idea of having an intricate floodgate system that doubled as a "marquee urban walk space."

Luckily for the over 14 million visitors to the Riverwalk annually, Hugman had the idea and proposal that we save the river from turning into a big drainage ditch!

Now to keep all the trash out of it! 

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