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A Texas man bared his soul AND his body at a Dripping Springs School Board meeting.

Dripping Springs resident, James Akers, took it to the "next level" when he stripped down to his underwear during a very public Dripping Springs Independent School Board meeting earlier this week in an effort to prove a point about making 'common-sense decisions' when it came to mandating Dripping Springs students wearing masks to school.

You can watch the video below on Youtube thanks to The Independent as James Akers, a father of a high school student in Dripping Spring strips down while offering initially in his presentation that he has to wear a ' jacket to work, and he "hates it" James then proceeds to take various pieces of his suit off as he continues by offering that he sped through red lights and parked in a handicapped parking space to get to the meeting. "It's basic protocol people, we follow certain rules for very good reason,” James offers in favor of the mask mandates for students.

Texas is seeing a rise in positive COVID cases amongst the youth throughout the state.

As Texas continues to see a spike in overall COVID cases, hospitalizations, alongside a concerning increase in youth COVID numbers, many Texas school districts are going against Gov. Abbott's order to eliminate mask mandates in Texas public schools. ISD's in Dallas, Houston, and the Texas capitols own Austin Texas have determined it is actually in the best interest for the health and safety of their students and staff to require students to wear masks. Lawsuits to reverse Gov. Abbott's order are now being proposed as well.

You can read the latest article on this issue below.

James Akers may go down in Texas history as the most passionate father in favor of students wearing masks in schools of all time.

I mean, what wouldn't we do to protect our children?

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