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The cafeteria at a Texas elementary school turned sour very quickly in the Abilene area when a Texas lunch lady lost her mind, and hopefully, her job when she slapped an elementary school student in the back of the head after they asked her a very simple question.


I can not imagine how shocked and hurt the young elementary student must have felt after being unexpectedly hit in the back of the head, especially by a school employee.

The incident happened in February at the Buffalo Gap Elementary School, but yesterday, Taylor County lunch lady, Leann Thomaso, was taken into custody Friday.

Leann Thomaso stupidly lost her temper and is likely mulling over the benefits of taking anger management courses as she spends time in jail facing an "Injury to a Child" charge in connection to the allegations.

Court documents show that a school resource officer at Buffalo Gap Elementary School began investigating Thomason in February after a school employee alerted officials to the incident when the school employee asked the young elementary student why they were crying.

What did the elementary school student ask the lunch lady?

"What's for lunch?"

The documents claim she did this because she was " upset by the child’s question."

It didn't take long to understand the scenario as students who witnessed the incident were able to explain to school authorities that they saw Leann Thomaso hit the student after he asked about the menu.

Thomason was released from jail after posting an $8,000 bond.

Since the moral of this story is that losing your temper could land you in jail, I still have to ask... what would you do if you learned the lunch lady slapped your elementary student?

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