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In just a few hours, convicted child killer and El Paso native, David Santiago Renteria, will be executed for the horrific murder of a 5-year-old girl in 2001.

Renteria murdered 5-year-old Alexandra Flores in November of 2001.

Renteria murdered 5-year-old Alexandra after cameras caught him stalking the little girl and then kidnapping her from a Walmart on Alameda Street in the Lower Valley in El Paso Texas. The last time anyone saw Alexandra was when cameras captured footage of her getting separated from her family and being led out the door by Renteria.

Did Renteria have a prior criminal record? Yes. 

According to  which details the horrific murder of little Alexandra in their documentation, Renteria had already committed indecency with a child and had three DWI offenses prior to the murder. Records also showed he had violated his probation on numerous occasions, and it had been recorded that he had been accused of frightening a female coworker with his jealous and possessive behavior and upsetting another woman when he babysat her three-year-old son by failing to return the child in a timely manner.

How did Renteria kill 5-year-old Alexandra Flores?

Sometime after her abduction, Renteria strangled Alexandra and then burned her body. She was found naked and burned by staff outside of a local doctor's office just a few miles away from where she had been kidnapped.

What is the evidence against him?

It was proven that Renteria was at the Walmart with his van when Flores disappeared. A gasoline container was discovered in Renteria's van. DNA extracted from blood stains found in the van was consistent with Flores's DNA. But perhaps the most telling of all of the evidence against him at the time of the trial, Renteria's palm print matched a latent palm print on the plastic bag that was covering Flores's head when her body was found.

Renteria is scheduled to be executed at 5 pm in Huntsville Texas tonight.






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