It seems that the subject of tipping has become a super hot topic lately. Everybody and every device is asking for a tip. DoorDash has now addressed possible non-tippers with this warning before the order is placed: "Orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered - do you wish to continue?" Many Texans are sounding off on this issue, check out the comment section of the below post. 

The Verge confirmed that if you enter $0 in the tip amount in the DoorDash app while placing an order, an alert appears with the above warning, prompting you to add a tip or continue without a tip: This appears to be an effort by DoorDash to show customers that drivers are likely going to prioritize more profitable work. According to the article, this is currently only in the testing phase.  What are your thoughts?


3 NM Walmart’s Doing Away With Self-Checkout Texas

Maybe the folks over at Walmart are finally hearing how most of the public feels about self-checkout. I know, personally, I have made many comments about the lack of open lanes or them having to check my receipt before I walk out! Apparently, I am not the only one, the below post has been shared over 5 thousand times and there are more posts just like this floating around social media.

According to KRQE, Two Albuquerque Walmarts are ditching self-checkout lanes and a third will be making the change as well. Shoppers have mixed feelings about it. When asked about the changes, a Walmart spokesperson told KRQE com in a statement, “We continually look at ways to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible and that includes adjusting the checkout area in stores.” Read the full story by clicking here.

Currently, this area in New Mexico is the only area in the US where Walmart is changing its checkout policy. Let's hope this change makes it over to Texas! As for now, you will still probably have to check yourself out at Texas Walmart.

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