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One great thing about being able to host a radio show in Victoria is getting to interact with our local listeners. Many of my stories that I write about our hometown come from you, the listener. Before we get to some of your hilarious answers. Here are some other great stories that I have written about our listeners.

Last year, I wrote about Oliver and Vanessa Cantu. He was the guy that lost a bet to his wife and had to stand on the side of the street. The best part of this story was his outfit. Vanessa went with the classic dad look with an outfit that was put together at Goodwill just hours before he paid his bet.

Earlier this month, I wrote about Amanda and her mom Rachel and an April Fools' pranks that almost lead to a complaint on a government website.  Read the hilarious story below.

Now let's get to his morning's Question of the Day: Tell me you are from Texas without telling me you're from Texas. Here is my answer: Where Barbacoa and Big Red are appropriate every day.  Of course, you will see Whataburger, H-E-B, and BBQ are on this list, but check out some of these totally Texas responses from our listeners.


Tell me you are from Texas without telling me you're from Texas!





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