Today is National Taco Day so I thought it would be a perfect time to take a poll and ask you, who has the best breakfast tacos in the Crossroads? . Before we get there, here is a look back at my horrible breakfast taco experience in Austin, Texas. This breakfast taco almost cost me five bucks and was made with a store-bought tortilla. Are you kidding me? You can also check out an awesome breakfast taco challenge in Corpus Christi below.



Who do you think has the best Breakfast tacos in the Crossroads? Let us know below, only one vote per IP will be counted. Thank you. We will announce the winner next week.


Here is a breakfast taco that comes with a challenge. Chacos Tacos in Corpus Christi, Texas is known for delicious and huge breakfast tacos.  The 'Almighty' breakfast taco weighs an estimated FOUR POUNDS!  Of course, they start with a homemade tortilla, eggs, beans, bacon, potatoes, Carne guisada, and lots of cheese! The challenge gives 10-minutes to finish their plate which includes a single 'Almighty' breakfast taco. If you complete the challenge in 10 minutes, you get a T-shirt AND their photo on the wall of fame and of course bragging rights! How many people do you think this taco could feed? The biggest tacos I have personally had in Victoria are at Pinto Bean and La Carreta #2.
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