An Incredible Act Of Kindness
This is a true story about a man with a huge heart.  Dan used to get coffee for his dad while he was undergoing treatment for cancer.  After his father passed away Dan continued the tradition every Thursday by going to Starbucks and getting coffee for quite a few people who need cheered up a little bit...
Kindergarten Graduations and Mother’s Day
I have been absent the last few weeks, but it’s not because I haven’t wanted to write, it’s because I just haven’t had time! I can give you a million excuses, but here are just a few. I have been planning my sons Kindergarten Graduation. While I am so excited to see him ‘graduate’ and wear his little homemade graduation hat and stand with his classmates, I have to wonder, if planning a graduation
And You Thought Coffee Was Bad.
I was looking over the front page of Yahoo the other day and noticed a story that really got me thinking. After all these years of thinking coffee is not for me, I might have to change that. I will drink coffee only if it has loads of sugar and cream. I also really like mocha frappacinos from either Starbucks or Hastingssince they give me the energy I need in the morning. That was the reason I dri