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CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Happy Sunday! Wait, is that a thing? Is it normal to wish someone a "Happy Sunday" or Happy (insert name of current day here)? Regardless, its Summer and its the time for fun and Tomfoolery. I bet that's a word some haven't heard in a while...
CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
Its Sunday, and assuming you don't have anywhere to be tomorrow (besides honoring our Veterans) then how about some bartender practicing? Here are some simple recipes that anyone can mix and enjoy.
Mermaid Mule (original source)
6 oz Vodka
3 oz Blue Curacao
3 oz Lime Juice
1 can (12oz) Ginger…
CharlieMac Saturday Drink Specials
Saturday is finally here! What are your plans? Do you have plans? Do you need plans? Perhaps your plans include some form of At Home Bartendering? If so, I think these recipes can assist you in your goal to grow as a Concoction Mixing Connoisseur, or simply put a person good at mixing drinks...