Austin Radio ‘Pirates’ Face Stiff Fine From FCC
There's an old Country song titled, "You Gotta Have a License." This is true for any commercial (or non-commercial) radio station in the U.S. Well, a couple in Austin felt that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules regarding licensing for the FM broadcast band didn't apply to them, so they put a "pirate" radio station on the air. That is now going to cost them a sub
Earl Pitts 11/25/13: Moonshiners On TV
Mr. Pitts loves a good reality TV show as much as anyone. But there's one that has him twisted up in knots. The show, "Moonshiners," features people making, well, moonshine (illegal liquor), and law enforcement trying to catch them in the act of brewing/transporting/selling their hooch. You've got to hear what Earl had to say about this show, and you can right here!