BBB: College Students at High Risk for Identity Theft
Information sharing has become second-nature to many college students who have grown up in an era of social media, smartphones and widely available internet access. Unfortunately, this also makes students more susceptible as a target for scams and fraud.
Identity thieves look to college-age adults be…
BBB Warns Social Media Users to Beware of Phishing Messages
These days almost every social media outlet allows for private messaging. Even Pinterest recently jumped on the messaging bandwagon. The unfortunate side effect is that scammers are quick to jump on too.
When con artists create emails, links or web pages assuming the identity of a trustworthy source …
Facebook Funny Foto of the Week
Every once in a while, I come across a photo on Facebook that makes me smile. I found one of those today. Ladies, please don't take offense...it's all in good taste (so to speak). And men: see if you don't agree with the sentiment expressed in this photo!
Brad Paisley’s Hilarious Selfie With WBC Whackos
You've gotta hand it to Brad Paisley. He can find the humor in just about any situation. It seems the Westboro "Baptist" Church folks (you know, those loving folks who protest at fallen military personnel's funerals, among other things) decided to protest one of Brad&apos…
Almost Impossible Trivia for 7/23/13
Congratulations to Seth Schafer of Edna! He knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q: 68% of Facebook users have deleted a friend because they’re tired of this…what is it?
Social Media And Your Business
There will be a seminar to learn about setting up a social media strategy for your business on Thursday May 31, starting at 3 pm.  It will take place in the SBDC Training Room located at 3402 N. Ben Wilson. It will be a free event for Chamber Members and $100 for Non-Chamber participants...
10 Things Overheard During Facebook’s IPO Announcement
Just a few years ago, Facebook became a simple way for teenagers and old classmates to keep up with their friends while pretending to work. Now, it’s a billion dollar company with its own publicly traded stock.
The announcement offered its own share of shocked faces and flabbergasted …
Are You The Next X Factor?
Are you ready for…the X-Factor!  They will be taping auditions for the second season of Fox’s hit show in Austin on May 24th and 25th.  Suddenlink is giving away four tickets to all four auditions.  Just go to facebook.com/mysuddenlink before May 18th and enter …

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