I do believe that this is what happens when you run your mouth too much, have too big of an ego, and suffering a torn ACL last year.  Back in October not one single NFL team wanted him.  Not even the Browns or Rams.  I believe that right there speaks for itself.  Terrell Owens in my opinion ran himself out of the NFL.  It's time for Chad Ochocinco to take notes and be a team player if he doesn't want to play for the Colorado Ice.

Terrell Owens signed with the Allen Wranglers which is a suburb of Dallas.  The Wranglers are a Indoor Football League team and it is unclear if Owens will play in just home games or on the road as well.  Come on are you kidding me?  He signed a contract and that should be he plays unless he is injured.

Either way I know he will be a great addition to the Wranglers and I hope he really does well with that team.  He's a great football player and I think sometimes we should have given him a chance instead of assuming he said this he did that.  Just being honest.  Visit the Wranglers site by clicking here