Nearly 85% of Americans in a new poll say they plan to travel this summer. Amidst the rising inflation, a lot of people are opting for staycations. In light of this, WalletHub has compiled a comprehensive list of the Best and Worst Cities for Staycations in 2023.

When I heard this, I couldn't wait to see all the great Texas cities on the list. I started at the top, which is Honolulu, HI. That makes sense to me. Orlando came in second. That also made sense with all the Disney theme parks and nearby Cocoa Beach.

I kept going down the list. Further and further I went. I had to go down to #20 to find the first Texas city on the list, Austin. Some of the towns that beat Austin included Las Vegas #3. Tampa is #4, and Salt Lake City at #5. Salt Lake City?

You must go to #41 to find another Texas city on the staycation list, at #41 El Paso. Rapid City, South Dakota, beats every other Texas city. Rapid City came in #39. South Dakota is a better place for a staycation than Houston or Dallas.

Cmon WalletHub.

They say they compared the cities on 42 key metrics, from parks per capita to restaurant meal costs.

The other Texas cities in WalletHub's top towns for staycations include Houston #52, Amarillo #62, and San Antonio #67. Corpus Christi #68, Plano at #93, Dallas #112, Fort Worth #128, Lubbock #131, Grand Prairie #147, Arlington #148, Brownsville #155, Garland #161, Laredo #173, Irving #177.

Amarillo is #62? Palo Duro Canyon State Park is nearby, but I think the summer smell of the stockyards would make the average citizen of Amarillo want to "stay" anywhere else during their vacation.

My hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, came in 127. It beats Fort Worth with Six Flags nearby. I am not so sure about this list.

Living in Victoria, we have a lot of opportunities for fun during a staycation. Technically, because we are at the crossroads, we can even compromise and have a staycation for just a few hours to drive to many of the Texas cities that made the list.  Besides, AI has found Ten great things to do in Victoria.

Although, I, for one, am curious about Rapid City.

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