Children are laughing on the playground, enjoying a perfect Monday morning while Victoria Stained Glass owner Tim Doelle quietly prepares for the work ahead close beside them.

This morning's work will consist of sketching the design for a new stained glass window section to replace the one shattered over the weekend at First Presbyterian Church located at 2404 N. Navarro. Tim carries a roll of sketch paper and colored pencils to the window to begin work he has mastered over the last few decades working exclusively with church stained glass.

Inside the church, the First Presbyterian Church pastor, Rev. James DeMent offered to his congregation to pray for the person who broke the windows, when authorities identified the suspect as a homeless person with known mental health issues.

As reported by Crossroads Today, Rev. James Dement says, "“If I could pray for anything it would be for more resources: fiscal, emotional, medical for the large number of homeless in our area,” DeMent said. “During this pandemic, during this economic crisis, the people who have no means, no resources, and now there are more of them.”

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Thankful no further damage was inflicted, DeMent sends this message to the person who wrecked two of the church windows, “I would pray for that person to be able to find help for whatever their problem is," Crossroads Today further reported.

Apparently, the church structure with ample awnings and breezeways often serve as shelter for the area homeless in Victoria. It is suspected that after a meal at Christ's Kitchen, the suspect came to the church and destroyed two of the church windows which are adorned with stained glass. The estimated damage is over $1,000.00.

No report on whether the church will press formal charges.

As the children play in the playground at First Presbyterian Day School while Tim works on repairs to the First Presbyterian Church windows, we are reminded that life is good and to pray for those less fortunate than we are.

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