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The initial report offered by the Victoria Police Department

Yesterday, August 24th, 2021 Victoria Police officers were on the scene in the 7800 block of North Navarro in response to a report of a deceased body located in a drainage ditch. Police sent a notification via social media for community members to avoid the area.

The latest update as of August 25th

An update was offered later in the evening to let residents know that the body had been removed and identified as male.

Where are we now?

Office David Brogger was kind enough to take our call this afternoon to let us know that at this time, August 25th at 2:30 pm there were no changes to the update. " We continue to wait for the autopsy report," Officer Brogger offered.

This is the second story we've covered in the last month.

Sadly this is the second story this year of deceased individuals that have been discovered by law enforcement covered in the Crossroads area.

On July 23rd of this year, we covered a story of a male body that had been dumped on Colletoville Rd, presumed to be a casualty of human trafficking in the area. The body was actually discovered when someone called the male's family member to give them GPS coordinates to help law enforcement locate the body.

You can read more about that story by clicking the button below.

We will continue to keep you updated.

We will continue to keep you privy as more information is released from our local law enforcement.

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