It is the halfway mark of this NBA season and the San Antonio Spurs just keep winning.  The Spurs have a 34-9 record at the halfway point and trail only the Warriors, just like last year.  The Spurs had the marquee matchup against LeBron and the Cavs on Saturday night and it did not disappoint.  The Spurs won in dramatic fashion in overtime behind, a career high of 41 points from Leonard.  Kawhi, has really elevated all areas of his game and has become a very accurate and deadly shooter from the floor.  While Leonard is now the face of the franchise, he  knows he is just as important  as the guy coming of the bench.  EVERY player plays a part and is important!  If you follow the Spurs, you know they have a "team is everything" mindset.    Tim Duncan started something really special in the Alamo City, and Leonard is his perfect predecessor.  Coach Pop is still running the show and the Spurs are still winning.  They have beat the Warriors and Cavs in their gyms so far this year.  Can the Spurs win a ring without Tim Duncan this year?  Well, we know this, they will once again be in the playoffs and be in the discussion.  Can I get a GO SPURS GO!