With my home state of Texas being in well...quite a state, I've been craving humor almost as much as I've been craving a hot meal.

Not having electricity or running water can dampen anyone's mood, but thankfully all Texans have one resource that's purely powered by humor and it works 24/7 no matter the weather.

Thanks to arguably our state's most famous marque located in Austin's famous El Arroyo Restaurant, Texas can laugh, in spite of itself.

After several days of extreme weather and frustration, I saw the sign, quite literally, El Arroyo's latest sign that is and it made me laugh out loud, something I can admit I hadn't done in days.

El Arroyo loves to hear when they've made someone's day and have graciously allowed me to share their latest 'sign of the times' with you.

Here is the message on the sign at El Arroyo that helped make my day.

Photo Credit El Arroyo Used w/permission
Photo Credit El Arroyo Used w/permission

Oh but wait, there is more.

El Arroyo

Here is a fun fact. The face(s) behind the daily marquee messages remains a secret for now... but they are " always happy to take submissions from customers and the internet." That's right, you are welcome to submit a suggestion for their next sign! Just click here if you've got a submission! For their latest signs, check them out on their Facebook page here too.

Be sure to visit them online here to read their story, check out their menu, and order their sign merchandise! The merch is just another awesome way to share the laughter with friends and family, and I dare say, everyone in Texas especially right now!

Whoever the face is behind the El Arroyo I say thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you! And dear Lord, God Bless Texas!

Want more fun signs, check out this article we featured in September, another homage to our favorite El Arroyo helping us see the lighter side of COVID-19.


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