While this story did not happen in Texas, we do have amusement parks with the same kind of ride! Terrifying moments for almost 30 passengers on the AtmosPHERE ride! There is a similar ride at Fiesta, Texas in San Antonio called the Jokers Revenge. That is one of two rides that I will not ride at Fiesta Texas!

@cbsnews Emergency crews in Oregon rescued 28 people Friday after they were stuck for about half an hour dangling upside down high on a ride at a century-old amusement park. Video taken by a park visitor shows the riders stuck on the attraction. #oregon #amusementpark ♬ Space Odyssey - Bgnzinho & BXNFXM

The incident happened on the opening day of Oaks Amusement Park in Southeast Portland. According to park officials, the ride was stuck upside down at a height of about 50 feet for 25 minutes!  The Fire Department was called and the ride was brought down manually and all riders were evacuated!

As a result of the incident, the park was immediately closed. No serious injuries were reported.  However, many passengers reported being nauseous, and dizzy, and a few had passed out. We are grateful that everyone made it off the ride.

Oaks Park released a statement on the incident just after 5:30 p.m.

The riders who were suspended were assessed by Portland Fire & Rescue and American Medical Response. One rider with pre-existing medical conditions was transported to the hospital for further evaluation, out of an abundance of caution. All other riders were released by medics to go home with their families.

You can read the full statement by clicking here.

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