During the start and through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us in news, print, and radio had no choice but to be in public to fulfill our commitment to serve our community and to deliver the latest news concerning the pandemic. This often meant additional risks and exposure to the disease itself.

After weeks of battling the constant cleaning and sanitizing of my house in order to assure my family's safety, I heard about Servpro's COVID disinfection capability. You might have already known about Servpro being our local fire and water damage clean up company, but did you know they also specialize in commercial and residential COVID disinfection?

Over the counter disinfectants usually work for a day or two until surfaces become dirty and possibly recontaminated. Well, Servpro utilizes an EPA registered food grade disinfectant that provides complete protection to all surfaces ELIMINATING THE HASSLE, EXPENSE, and STRESS of daily repetitive cleaning and disinfecting.

It was easy and the entire process took less than an hour. I called, they came out, I took my pets and my kids out of the house for a walk and when I returned my house was disinfected. I could finally relax knowing my family was protected.

The guys were so great, I even snapped their photo before they left!

Call Servpro and set up an appointment, please. I'm off to the latest EOM meeting in half an hour to talk about the eleven new cases in Victoria today. These are unprecedented times. Give yourself peace of mind.

Call 361-573-6000 OR visit SERVPROVICTORIA.COM.

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