A father and resident of League City rescued his four-year-old daughter from what he perceived as a potential alligator attack while his children played near a canal behind their home.

In a riveting report Andrew Grande gave to CNN News, the father offers, "When I first saw him, the only thing I was thinking of was just getting my daughter, just getting my daughter out of the way." His 4yr old little girl was with her brother and a babysitter by a canal behind their home when their father spotted the alligator heading toward them. He then ran out of his house, picked his daughter up, and got the babysitter and his son within their home's fence. He says he then threw his daughter over the fence to safety as the alligator neared his feet!

"What his intentions were, I'm not 100% sure, but I wasn't going to find out." Andrew says, offering that the alligator was, "By far the biggest one we've ever seen. They have never done that before. Usually, they keep their distance, just pass by," Andrew extends. "You don't even know they're there, but this guy's intentions were definitely a little different!"

Andrew claims that after they entered the fence, the alligator continued to approach and retreat several times. Andrew immediately called the authorities. Andrew said the reptile stayed in the area for nearly 30 minutes until it was removed by authorities about five hours after the incident occurred. 

"The alligator was taken alive and relocated to Gator Country in Beaumont, who told the brave father they were excited to receive the animal because they had lost most of their alligators when Hurricane Harvey hit! The alligator is reported to be nearly 12-feet long and weighed closed to 600 pounds. " CNN reports.

Alligator encounters are rare but if an alligator approaches you its best to slowly walk away and then run in a straight line until you are out of harm's way. Live Science says running in a zigzag to avoid an alligator attack is a myth. If an alligator were to bite you, fight and try to hit the alligator in the nose, Live Science also advises.

Andrew says now that the alligator has been relocated, he plans to take his children to see it at Gator Country in the future.

See you later alligator!

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