The Annual Beach Bash in Port Aransas known as "SandFest" was rescheduled for October earlier this year, but as the coronavirus numbers continue to climb in Texas organizers have decided to call off the event entirely.

SandFest was set for October 2nd to 4th but was canceled after a board meeting on Monday, July 13th.

The amazing sand sculptors bring thousands to the beaches every year for SandFest but in the interest of keeping the community safe, and to protect the countless volunteers who make the event happen, the decision had been made to hold off and wait for 2021.

Ruth Maspero, who is the president of SandFest, told the PortASouthJetty, "We looked at all the festivals that have been canceled around the state – the state fair, Fiesta San Antonio and others. We’ve spoken to the Buc Days organizers. They are looking at what to do, and they are a month after us.”

Next April, SandFest will be held from April 23rd to the 25th.

Can you imagine if they had to only let 10 people at a time into SandFest? It might take until next year to get through the line.

Be safe, wear your mask, and remember to social distance from others or we might be talking about cancelations as part of 2021 before too long. Let's hope Texas can put a stop to all these cancellations.

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