It's time to get back into the saddle again and ride, at least according to news from the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo.

Making their official announcement Thursday afternoon, the San Antonio Stockshow, with all of its revelry and roping is a go for February 2021.

Scheduled for February 11th through February 28th, the San Antonio Stock Show, and Rodeo will host next year's rodeo with a bit of a retro twist. The 2021 San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo will be held at the rodeos first home going all the way back to its roots, from over fifty years ago, to the Freeman Coliseum.

The Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum, completed in 1949 was host to the first San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo the following year in 1950, which according to the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo website here, the attendance to the first SA Rodeo was a grand success, boasting a quarter of a million attendees. It wasn't until 2003 when the then SBC Center, now the AT&T Center, was built offering the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo an additional 6,000 plus seating for its events.

In 2021, though they will return home for the exact opposite reason. Moving the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo back home allows for fewer attendees, giving the San Antonio Rodeo more opportunity to adhere to the safety guidelines it will need to follow to ensure the safety of the crowds that are likely to occur. As plans are solidified and the official website is updated; entertainment, concerts, animals, and events are all part of the plan in 2021. According to a San Antonio's KENS5 interview, Lauren Sides, the Communications and Public Relations Manager for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo told KENS 5, "In terms of the action-packed rodeo events you are used to seeing, we will have all of those being brought back along with the top 50 BRCA rodeo contestants, too."

Tickets and events will be listed soon so be sure to keep an eye on the official San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo ticket page here.

For Victorian's looking for the latest information for Victoria's Stockshow and Rodeo for 2021, our dates are set for February 25th through March 1st will more details to come. You can check out Victoria's Stockshow and Rodeo's Facebook page here.

So saddle up! Who's ready to watch the cowboys ride?

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As you might know, San Antonio and Victoria's Stockshow's and Rodeo's raise funds for children's educational scholarships. Here is a list of states hit hardest by COVID's effect on tourism. 

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