The headlines over the last week seem to indicate America is closer than at any other time this year to hit its boiling point over Coronavirus. I've heard it asked more and more recently, "Does anyone really know what they are talking about?" The more time goes by the more that answer seems to be an overwhelming "Not so much".

Take San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich. If you live in South Texas you probably have a soft spot for the long-standing Texas coach who recently blasted both Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov Patrick over their handling of the pandemic. Now, I'm not an expert and Coach Popovich is certainly NOT a Doctor, but I also feel his level of frustration.

Popovich spoke in Orlando where the Spurs will play their shortened season, and in the video above he comments that in Texas, "nobody knows what the hell's going on."

While we all have our own opinion from Fauci on down, and while our opinion may differ from Pops, I love his t-shirt that simply states "Vote like your life depends on it".

It's a bad time for mixed messages from any of our officials, and it sure must suck to be an official right now because it seems like there isn't much that can be said that won't be refuted within 24 hours or so. Popovich said, "The governor goes back and forth based on whether he has to satisfy Trump or listen to the numbers — politics show maybe he better do this because the virus has done that. But no overall policy, no principle. It’s all about politics. It’s all about what’s good for them."

Do you think the situation is being handled the right way? What are some of your frustrations as related to the state of Texas as it responds to COVID-19? The more you share with us the more we can assign questions to our staff who can then dig up more info on the things you are wondering about.

Governor Abbott is expected to address the state of Texas on Friday with additional information on plans for Texas over the second half of the month. Will there be another shutdown? We will find out Friday.

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