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It's a parent's worst nightmare. 

You let your children out to play, trying to trust outside world, but still worrying about kidnappings and wide spread violence.

For the families of two young girls who were both victims of attempted kidnappings in San Antonio, they can breathe a little easier.

According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in Texas alone, there were 46,581 missing persons reports in 2021 with 33,774 of those being children.

But a shocking discovery has been made after a would be kidnapper on a reign of terror in Texas was finally apprehended by the San Antonio Police Department.

The attempted kidnapper, who tried to prey on young girls but was fought off during both attempts has been captured. The would be kidnapper? He is just 18 years old.


In both instances of the unsuccessful attempted kidnappings, the girls fought Jorge back when he tried to capture them, which ultimately may have saved these young girls lives. With two attempted kidnappings and two additional sexual assault allegations, it is unclear how often Jose may have terrorized the young women of San Antonio. But for now, he is behind bars as the investigation continues.

Here is the original story on the attempted kidnapping in San Antonio that covered for you just three days ago. Excellent police work and thankfully the girls responded by fighting hard.

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