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We've been talking about road trips all summer long, but none as sweet as this one!

Brush your teeth, fill your tank and head out to Houston for the newest and sweetest grand opening of the summer. It's Candytopia and it's open in Texas now!

Candytopia is considered the ultimate interactive candy experience and no Snickers please, but Texans are already going to Reese's Pieces over it!

So what is Candytopia you might be wondering?

Think of it as a candy-infused art show on a serious sugar high. Every room of Candytopia is filled with dozens of life-size interactive art experiences that feature, well... candy of course!

Don't forget your camera, you're going to want to take TONS of Pixs!

Check out this great video from Risi Kid Play on Youtube to get a little taste of the fun you'll have if you visit!

Warning: Nonsensical Candy Puns Ahead

Personally, I can already see without even Swedish Fishing for every detail, that this is already going to be a Whopper of a road trip! It seems to be as much fun for adults as it is for kids!

In fact, after Pay Day I'm going to Take Five to have Mounds of fun with my Peeps there myself! A road trip surrounded by sweets, friends, and fantastical art would be an absolute Life Saver right now. Lord knows I've been in enough Sour Patches in the past year.

Doesn't this look fun? Well, let me see your Tootsie Roll to Houston to get your sweet tooth road trip on! If you go, be a Sweetheart and take some Pixs to send us on our station apps!

I know this article was little Candy Cornier than what I usually write, but I consider myself a NERD when it comes to anything confection. Just ask my Baby Ruth.

Golden Ticket, please!

Ugh! So much for being a Smartie,  I forgot to give you the ticket info! Just click here.

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