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You would never guess what one Texas rescue dog did to get back to his home.

WARNING: This story will pull some serious heart strings.

A sweet dog named Bailey in El Paso has been reunited with her forever family after the Animal Rescue League of El Paso posted that the shelter’s Ring doorbell camera alerted them that Bailey was knocking at their door.

You read that right. Bailey tripped the RING at the El Paso shelter looking for a way in.

We should say, a way "back in."

Here is where this story gets emotional. It's a happy ending, but very bittersweet too.

According to the El Paso Animal Rescue League, Bailey had been at the shelter for so long that even after being adopted by a family that adores her, she got loose and came back to the shelter, looking for the comfort of what what familiar to her... her kennel at the shelter.

Can you imagine how confusing it must have been for Bailey to spend so much time at a shelter before having to leave the familiarity even for a new beginning with a forever family?

It makes you wonder how many times dogs do get to return to visit the ones that cared for them in the shelters as they waited for their chance to be loved by a forever family.

The El Paso Animal Rescue assures us that the family who adopted Bailey is a good family and that they feel confident that Bailey's home with them will be her forever home. It will just understandably take Bailey time to get used to her new family.


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