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Can you imagine hearing a barking dog that sounded like it was in need only to discover it was near death in a backyard? How would you feel if you learned there was actually a house full of starving animals and this was no accident, just pure neglect.

This is exactly the scenario Kingsland Texas resident, Kristen Carter found herself in while she was delivering groceries. A faint bark leads her to discover a gruesome scenario and cruelty beyond belief.

The first starving dog she found was barking and trying to claw open a bag of rotting potatoes left carelessly on the back doorsteps.

Kristen left the scene but heartbroken and troubled, turned around to talk to the owner and offered to rehome the poor dog. It doesn't seem that her offer was well received so instead she took to social media for help.

Thanks to her determination, this animal abuse story may very well have a happy ending.

According to Fox7 the sheriff's office immediately got involved and sent her messages while they searched the home. What they found was overwhelming. The more they searched the residents, the more animals they found. Almost two dozen dogs and several cats, all of which were severely undernourished.

The Hill Country Humane Society offered the Texas community updates and gratitude after a very busy night caring for all of the animals seized. "We are happy to update you that all of the emaciated dogs that were seized yesterday made it through the night. They are not out of the woods yet, but they are all being fed small, frequent meals & have all been treated for fleas. (They were VERY flea-infested!"

They also added that even though the animals were scared, staff and volunteers' gentle voices, along with soft beds and plenty of food helped the animals make the adjustment.

What's needed now is to ensure all of the animals are adopted to forever homes. Rehoming might be the most difficult step in the process now that these animals are on the mend, but just check out how many people have banded together to help on the Hill Country Humane Society page!  If you want to help, just click here or call 1.512.793.5463 for more information.


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