Reba McEntire is an icon of country music. When it comes to this industry, she's done it all. And don't forget about her television career along with her many other interests. You have to figure, when it comes to life, Reba knows a thing or two.

CMT Daily Roundup reports that Reba will be featured in the next season of Oprah’s Master Class, which features stories from people, handpicked by Oprah Winfrey, who have had an impact on the world. There’s no doubt that the country icon will have some great words of wisdom for Oprah and her viewers.“You know, maturity brings confidence, and also not having to impress everybody. All my life, I wanted momma and daddy to be proud of me. I wanted to make everybody proud and not disappoint anybody. And, you get to a point in your life where like, you know, how about yourself? Are you happy? Just be happy, and go on and do what makes you happy.” The second season of Oprah’s Master Class premieres Sunday, January 8th at 10PM Eastern on OWN.
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