In Randy Houser's video for 'How Country Feels,' a super hot, raven-haired, just-outta-college girl outfitted with nerdy glasses (which she ditches early on) is trapped in her cubicle, unable to leave her job behind and go out to the country and have fun with her pals since she has to work all weekend. What? That's cruel and unusual punishment, right? Despite her working stiff plight, her fortune changes (sort of) when a friend sends her Houser's feel-good anthem over the computer.

She cranks the song and is instantly transported to the lush, grassy and inviting countryside, where nothing else matters but soaking up the sun's copious rays. We follow her letting her hair down, wearing short shorts and a bikini top, holding hands with a cute boy, playing in the rain, kicking off her shoes and enjoying all that nature and summer have to offer.

It's a footloose and fancy-free narrative about taking back the weekend and leaving the Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 gig exactly where it belongs. Houser factors into the footage in performance clips, and he's having a good time, too.

So is the working girl's escape a real life event or just a fantasy? Watch and find out! It all depends on your perspective and a pair of cowboy boots, though.

Houser's video is certainly furthering the notion that all work and no play, and the lack of a work-life balance, is not the right way to live. Put down the Blackberry, shut down the iChat and go outside and breathe in some fresh air. You deserve it.

Watch Randy Houser 'How Country Feels' Video