Texas music icon Pat Green is still touring and creating new music, but when it comes to full-length albums, the country star is saying goodbye.

Green's first album, Dancehall Dreamer came out in 1995, and he has released more than 10 albums over his impressive career. His latest, the 13-track Home, came in in 2015, and in an adaptation of the times, Green believes that it may have been the last album he'll ever release.

"I think I’m done. I don't see it. ... I still make music. I just don’t make it in the scope of 15 songs," he says, observing how things have changed since he started in music. "Nobody buys 15 songs anymore."

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Green notes that he just recorded two songs: a cover of U2's "Trip Through Your Wires" from 1987's The Joshua Tree and another Texas country pen burner he co-wrote called "Friday's Coming;" both of which he plans to release.

"My view of new music is throw it on the wall and see if it sticks, and if it sticks, great," he says. "We’ll play it every night if it really sticks, but if it doesn’t stick, there’s a big 'ol trash bin full of my songs right behind me (laughs)."

Though Green feels his full-length album days are behind him, a new tribute to the Texas treasure, Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green, was released on April 5 — also Green's 46th birthday. The album includes 10 tribute songs by nationally recognized artists and Texas' finest including Green covers by the Josh Abbott Band and Aaron Watson.

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