Pat Green is getting one of the coolest birthday presents on the planet.

The Texas-born singer — who has more than 10 original albums under his belt — is getting his songs re-gifted by his musical peers in the form of his very own tribute album. Bonus: Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green drops on April 5, Green's 46th birthday.

The 10-song tribute is derivatively named after Green's first album, Dancehall Dreamer (1995) and showcases nationally recognized artists and the best of Green's homegrown Texas music scene. From friends of Green's past like Jack Ingram and Cory Morrow, to new Texas breakouts Aaron Watson and the Josh Abbott Band, this crew came together to sing some of the most influential songs of the Texas icon's career.

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"It’s a fine compliment," Green tells Taste of Country. "Even though I’m bad at taking compliments, I’ll take this one. I’ll smile really big and say, 'Thank you very much.' What a fine thing to say to a guy. “

In addition to the 10 songs, Green adds 10 spoken tracks in which he explains the stories behind the songs chosen on the tribute album, including "Take Me Out to a Dancehall" (performed by Josh Abbott Band), "Crazy" (performed by Aaron Watson) and perhaps Green's most well-known hit, "Wave on Wave" (performed by Jack Ingram).

When asked if anyone on the album performs his song better than he does, Green jokes: "Every one of them!"

"I never thought of myself as a good singer, as much as I'm a loud singer," he adds with a laugh.

Jokes aside, Green is humbled to have his past and present peers come together to make new renditions of his work. He also notes that his favorite on the album is hard to choose, but two tracks — "Adios Days" by Cory Morrow and "Crazy" by Aaron Watson — are emotional standouts.

Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green Track Listing:

1. “Wrapped” - William Clark Green
2. “Three Days” - Randy Rogers Band featuring Radney Foster
3. “Nightmare” - John Baumann
4. “Wave on Wave” - Jack Ingram
5. “Take Me Out to a Dancehall” - Josh Abbott Band
6. “Crazy” - Aaron Watson
7. “Washington Avenue” - Walt Wilkins
8. “Adios Days” - Cory Morrow
9. “Dancehall Dreamer” - Drew Holcomb
10. “Southbound 35” - Kevin Fowler
11. “Wrapped”: Story Behind the Song
12. “Three Days”: Story Behind the Song
13. “Nightmare": Story Behind the Song
14. “Wave on Wave”: Story Behind the Song
15. “Take Me Out to a Dancehall”: Story Behind the Song
16. “Crazy”: Story Behind the Song
17. “Washington Avenue”: Story Behind the Song
18. “Adios Days”: Story Behind the Song
19. “Dancehall Dreamer”: Story Behind the Song
20. “Southbound 35”: Story Behind the Song

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