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A Race for Kindness With Two Incredible Initiatives

Orion Jean was just ten years old when he felt in his heart that he needed to help others during the pandemic. He was watching the news with his family daily and understood how hard it had become for families to make ends meet.

Orion decided to take action, and taking action is something Orion suggests we should all be doing.

"It's a race to kindness, not just a series of events, but a call to action. A way our community can do something to help each other," Orion offers to none other than Angelina Jolie in a recent interview with Angelina and Time Magazine.

Within a few months, Orion was able to help raise enough funds and support to provide over 100,000 meals for families beginning in his hometown of Mansfield, Texas.

That was just the beginning.

Thanks to an intuitive teacher who suggested Orion enter a speech contest, which he won, Orion made the decision to use his reward money for the good of the community.

"I wanted to do something bigger. I wanted to reach more people," Orion offers Angelina.

An avid reader, Orion considers himself an "Ambassador for Kindness" and created his second initiative at the age of 11 raising enough funds to collect and distribute over 500,000 books to children who might not otherwise have a chance to read.

Orion's Race to Kindness website offers that 67% of children living in poverty have nothing to read.

Check out the heartwarming interview between Angelina Jolie and Orion Jean which promises to not only melt your heart but gets you thinking about what you, your family, and your children can do together to make a difference. Thank you to Time Magazine for their Youtube Video.

Orion offers, "If you see a problem, fix it.”

If you want more information on Race to Kindness to see how you can be a part of the Race to Kindness initiative, click here.

Congratulations to Orion Jean, Time's incredibly deserving Kid Of The Year.

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