Yea I honestly could care less, but it appears plenty of sports analysts are talking about it.  Do we really have nothing better to report than Tom Brady cutting his hair.  I guess that's what I'm blogging about so I guess so. 

Seriously though, remember when everybody was in awe that Ricky Williams had dreads when playing for the Dolphins.  Troy Palamalu even has commercials talking about his hair.  At the end of the game players are there to talk about the game and sign autographs, not talk about their new haircut. 

Remember Dennis Rodman's white hair.  Or Andre Agassi's weird looking bushy mullet in the early 90's.  Rollie Fingers' mustache, Julius Erving's afro, or Goose Gossage supporting one of the most iconic mustaches in all of sports, or even Giants pitcher Brian Wilson's black beard. 

Last World Series it was crazy to hear everyone talk about the black beard.  It was noticeable, it worked, and chances are he didn't grow it out like that for attention.  These athletes are just like us, granted they have a lot more money to spend on ridiculous styles and cuts, but we don't talk about joe that works at HEB with the crazy stripes in his flat top.  I was just using an example.  I seriously doubt there is a guy at HEB named Joe with stripes in his flat top, but do you remember that style as well. 

I guess I should mention the Bieber too and his ridiculous looking girlie haircut.  Like I said, I'm getting a little tired of everyone talking about an athletes haircut or his/her personal lifestyle and not talking about how well they did in a game.  What do you think is the most ridiculous hair cut an athlete has had?