We've teamed up with Brannan Paving Company, Biomat USA- a Grifols Company, and 1st Community Bank to show area nurses some extra recognition through all of Nurses Week.  Today we recognize Linda Garcia from Detar Navarro.
Here is what Linda's daughter Lolita had to say about her
"Linda, my mom, has been working as an RN for Detar for over 25 years! She has been working on Rehabilitation for most of her career and she loves it. She enjoys aiding patients in their recovery from surgery and seeing them re-gain their independence. She also proudly serves as the charge nurse for Rehab's night shift. Lately, with the impact of COVID-19, she has been working relentlessly to do her part in keeping Detar running safely and efficiently. She has immense dignity in her profession and she plans on continuing her work for many years to come"
Thank you for all you do, Linda.

Nominate your nurse today by filling out the form below, then listen throughout the day during  National Nurses Week to hear all of the selected nominees.

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