Labor Day weekend is around the corner, and tomorrow is FRIDAY( TGIF!) everyone's favorite day of the week, especially this Friday kicking off the extra-long weekend, but you know what really makes this Friday extra special?

It's National Wildlife Day baby! Whoo- Hoo Wildlife!!!! 

Tomorrow is THE day to celebrate all things wildlife and in honor of this momentous national day of celebration, we thought we'd look at some of our phenomenal native Texas wildlife. From armadillos to wolves, when it comes to wildlife in Texas, our cup runneth over! According to experts, like the Texas Almanac, Texas is home to over 142 different native species of wild animals in Texas as well as a whopping 540 species of birds.

Let's look at some fun facts for several of our native species, a tribute to what makes Texas wild (outside of Austinites). Wink.

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Here is an extra fun fact. The National Wildlife Foundation actually partners with movie studios as a way to help spread the love and educate the community about wildlife. Guess what movie they partnered with last? If you guessed Dr. Doolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. You guessed RIGHT. Check it out here.

Here is the first video ever recorded of the Blind Salamander in Texas, thanks to Joe Ferman.

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