My TikTok feed is so random sometimes. However, I come across some gems just like this.The video was posted to Bri Bagwell'sTikTok account. In the video, music columnist and production manager, Dale Martin, from New Braunfels, recalls meeting Garth Brooks at his meet and greet in Walmart in Victoria. In the video, he tell us that "no one was at his table, and I felt bad for him." He then ask Garth what his next single is going to be? The way Garth answers will give you goosebumps...

@bribagwell #dalemartin is a music writer and has a weekly #musiccolumn that he has written for decades! He tells amazing stories on my latest #onlyvans #podcast! Check it out on youtube or wherever you pod. #musicpodcast #garthbrooks #youneverknow Produced by @kylegarretttx ♬ original sound - Bri Bagwell

That video was INCREDIBLE! With a little digging around, we found the Newspaper advertisement for the Meet in Greet that was found in the Victoria Advocate. Some comments say that there was a line for Garth. Where you there? Let us know. He performed at the Bluebonnet Convention Center! There were so many great shows at BBC and one show that never happened, read below.


Be sure you show some love to Texas Country star Bri Bagwell on social media and her website. We can't wait for her to return to Victoria.


The year before, a gentleman by the name of Keith Whitley was scheduled to play at that very same venue. BTW, I consider Keith Whitley the best Country voice of all time. Just my personal opinion.   That show never happened!  Keith Whitley passed away the week that he was supposed to perform in Victoria.  The cause of Whitley's death was an accidental overdose of alcohol   The singer's blood alcohol content was measured at . 477, almost five times the amount to be declared intoxicated in Tennessee. Did anyone have tickets to this show?

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