My grandmother lived to the age of 101 and drove her self around the Chicago suburbs until she was about 89 years old. I know what it was like for her to lose her independence and have to rely on the family to get her around. She got used to the idea but it was very hard. At least she never had an accident in her latter days.

Fast forward to 2020 in Victoria, Texas, and today when I saw the photo of poor Joyce Brown who had driven her car through the wall at the local Cimarron Express at the intersection of East Airline Road and John Stockbauer Drive. The Victoria Advocate shared the story around lunchtime on Friday, so we took a drive across town to have a look for ourselves.

W. Adams TSM
W. Adams TSM

The folks at Cimarron Express are already hard at work repairing the damage. You can see the red tape in place and that large board covering up the hole that can be seen in the advocate's photo at the top of this article.

So what happened? Brown apparently had mistaken the gas pedal for the brakes and drove right into the storefront. Thankfully, the Victoria police report that Joyce is ok and was not injured. We are sure glad she is ok.

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