I have been absent this summer. I’ve been a LITTLE busy! First there’s the whole 3 children thing. Who knew they could be so much work?! Then there was another little thing called MORNING SICKNESS. Whoever invented that term obviously has NEVER been pregnant.

Yes, that’s right, I said morning sickness We are expecting our 4th baby in January. We feel incredibly blessed and yes, we are very excited!!!

Before you ask, let me just address some frequently asked questions that I, as a mother to 3, soon to be 4, have encountered.

Q. Do you have cable?
A. Yes, yes we do. We even have HBO and Showtime. We also have 3 TV’s!!!!! Shocking, I know.

Q. You know how that happens don’t you?
A. What? You mean there is a way to prevent it? I had no idea. I’m so glad you told me!!!!

Q. Are you Catholic?
A. You actually got me on this one because, yes, I am Catholic. But, seriously, it is not a requirement of the Catholic church to bear at least 4 children.

Q. Are they all yours?
A. I think so…….Is there a test to determine that?

Q. You must have a lot of patience?
A. Actually, no. Just ask my husband or my children. You’d think that someone would give you an unlimited supply of patience when you become a mom, but it’s been 8 ½ years and I’m still waiting on that shipment!

Q. You must be super mom?!
A. Again, NOPE. Not even close. If you came to my house right now, you’d see my 3 year old eating goldfish for breakfast and sitting beside him is a big pile of laundry. As my children have grown, my definition of super mom has changed quite a bit. I feel like I’m doing a ‘super’ job if they have on clean clothes and make it out of the house with all of their homework done!

Q. You’ve got your hands full, don’t you?
A. WOW! I’ve never been asked that before. You win the prize for ‘most original question.’ Your prize is any one of my 3 children! I’d offer you the one I am currently carrying but, we like to keep them around until they are at least 2.

I welcome “congratulations” and “best wishes for an easy pregnancy, smooth delivery and a healthy baby,” but, if you have a silly question, please refer to the above! Have a great day everyone!