A recent letter to the Editor of the Victoria Advocate illustrates the fact that just because someone is a dog-lover, that love doesn't always extend to others, especially children. Mr. Matthew Hough of Cuero felt the need to express his disdain for the local kids who ask if they can pet his dog when Mr. Hough takes the pooch for a walk in the local park. What follows is an example of grumpiness rarely found on public display.

Here are the first two paragraphs of Mr. Hough's tirade:

Editor, the Advocate:

It started almost a year ago. When I was walking my dog at the park in Cuero, an irritating little kid asked me three times if he could pet my dog. I tried to ignore him and deafen his squeaky voice out of my mind but failed. I said, "No, you cannot pet my dog because he might bite." The kid became irate and began to bang on a trash can.


What I really wanted to say was, "I do not want you around my dog because kids nowadays are rude, obnoxious and undisciplined." I do not want my well-trained dog to be influenced by kids who cannot control themselves and are not trained properly by their parents.


But wait...he was just getting started! Mr. Hough infers that children should perhaps be fed to alligators that--according to him--are "...in that lake over there next to the golf course at the Cuero Park." Well, you'll just have to read the letter in its crabby entirety by clicking the link below.

And, by the way, "You kids get offa my lawn!"

(via Victoria Advocate | Man wants kids to leave him, his dog alone.)