Here is a reminder to pay attention to signs warning you of alligators at State Parks. The video which was posted to TikTok shows many parkgoers that were on a platform! They were soon rescued by Park Rangers The reason why? Two alligators were spotted in the water they were swimming in at Huntsville State Park. The video was posted to the social forum by user: alvaroruiz8223. Be sure you stay safe while swimming in State Parks!


The State of Texas will allow Texans to fish without a license on Saturday, June 3rd. Free fishing days are a perfect opportunity for beginners to try out fishing for the first time. If you need help finding a place to fish, you can visit for great fishing locations. What is your favorite fishing spot?

Free Fishing Saturday always falls during National Fishing and Boating Week. For free fishing day here in Texas. The state releases hundreds of catfish to help beginners catch a bite.  NFBW is a national celebration of fishing and boating, an event that highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing in enhancing our quality of life and preserving our country's natural beauty. This year the event will take place on June 3-11, 2023. Learn more about National Fishing and Boating Week.

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