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The Victoria County Sheriff's Department is investigating a crime that sadly happens to unwanted pets all too often.

Caught on camera at the Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center ( DOCPAC), is a middle-aged man along with a passenger, perusing the facility in a silver GMC truck moments before the passenger opens the truck door and pushes the dog out.

They then speed off, abandoning the dog completely.

Sadly the video shows that the dog was so frightened and confused she immediately runs towards the highway following the truck.

Thankfully the staff at DOCPAC was able to react quickly and save her.

She is thought to be a young adult heeler mix.

Sarah Marshall, the Director of Community Relations for DOCPAS offers this message to our readers. " There is a proper way to relinquish an animal. Right behind DOCPAC is Victoria Animal Control and you can relinquish your pet without questions or consequence there anytime they are open." Sarah also offers that a "quick call to DOCPAC can also be made to see if they have room as an additional option. " If we are not able to take the animal, we can help find a facility that can."

Here is DOCPAC's Facebook post detailing their experience rescuing the dog in their own words.

Laws are THANKFULLY changing now for the sake of animals and you can be fined for abandoning your pet in Texas. Here is another story of a crime against animals as a Texas man who was arrested on eight counts of dog neglect after he left eight dogs outside during the recent Texas winter storms. Animal cruelty such as dumping your dog out of your car door can lead to a fine and Class C misdemeanor as a start.

I've included the most recent list with photos of dogs that are available for adoption right now at the Dorothy O'Connor Adoption Center. Please consider adopting here. I've adopted two dogs in the last twenty years from Dorothy O'Connor and they have been incredible pets who lived full lives on the ranch as family members alongside us. Volunteers and donations are always appreciated at DOCPAC as well.

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