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National Left-Handers Day

That's right righties, it's National Left-Handers Day, a day to celebrate all things lefty! So all you right-handers, take a step to the left, and let's show our lefties some love today!

Fun Fact About Lefties

Did you know it's estimated that only 10-12% of the world's population is left-handed?

According to, a new study suggests lefties are rare because of the balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution!

Another study reveals that there are more left-handed people working as artists and musicians and in university settings.

Married to a Lefty! How about you?

I'm married to a lefty and aside from having to ALWAYS sit to the right of him in restaurants life with a lefty is pretty easy. Of course, he can't cut a straight line to save his life, but his artistic ability is incredible and he is wicked sharp ( yep lefties are known to have high IQs).

Lefties are Smarty Tarties!

Some of the most interesting facts offered by are that left-handed folks are known to be higher-wage earners. Left hands mean BIGGER BUCKS!

Now everyone wants to be a lefty! 

If you know a lefty, let us know on the station apps! Don't have the apps yet? Easy! Just search Google Play or the App Store.

Here is a gallery of TEN LEFTIES you might recognize.

Love for the Lefties on National Left Handed Day

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