Would you be willing to spend a few more minutes working each day if it meant a little more time off? I would think most people would, and now, that's exactly what school districts in Texas will be able to do, thanks to a new law.

The law states that the time students spend in Texas schools is measured in total minutes instead of days. That boils down to 75,600 minutes instead of 180 days each school year. That also means that if a district decides to add extra minutes to a school day, it can return extra days off.

A few school districts are already using the new law-Arlington for example, has added 9 minutes to the school day this month for elementary and junior high school students, which in turn will mean that in the event of weather closings, no make up days will be needed.

No word yet on whether VISD will adopt the new policy. Personally, I think students will like the idea.