WrestleMania returned this past Saturday, and if you are a fan, you feel a little buzz in the air. Especially when 'Stone Cold' made his entrance! His return to the ring was electrifying and of course, featured a 'stunner.' Someone in the crowd had a sign reppin' Victoria, Texas. If that was you?  Let us know!   I thought this would be a great time to take it back to Stone Cold's roots.

His real name is Steven James Anderson and was born here in Victoria.  His mom moved to Edna shortly after and that was where the future wrestler spent most of his childhood.  He graduated from Edna High School, GO COWBOYS.  Austin then went on to Wharton County Junior College and was then offered a scholarship at the UNT, the University of North Texas. He was also recently featured in an A&E special which peeled back many layers.

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'Stone Cold' opened up on what it was actually like going from living in a car and eating cans of tuna fish and raw potatoes to being a pop culture icon that brought pro-wrestling to the mainstream.   He also opens up about not being present in his two daughters' lives due to his constant travel. His two daughters moved with their mom to England. It was. He summarizes this portion of his story with 'Greatness requires personal sacrifice.'

If you are a fan of 'Stone Cold,' you need to watch this documentary. WWE Legends takes a hard look at the life these guys live and the toll it takes on them personally in a way we haven't seen.  Watch the full Stone Cold episode by clicking here.

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