Kevin Fowler is one of my favorite Texas Country artists and just gave us another example on why he is so awesome!  According to Kevin Fowler's Facebook page, he paid a visit to one his longtime fans, a survivor of the Uvalde school shooting, over the weekend. Mayah Zamora is one of the Robb Elementary School students that survived the Uvalde tragedy and is still in the hospital.

They even had a 'Loose Loud and Crazy' sing along. See the video below!

According to a Facebook post by Kevin Fowler, Mayah was seriously injured in the Uvalde school shooting. She is in the hospital recovering from multiple bullet wounds. They told us that she’s a big KF fan and her family had planned to come see us play this weekend before the shooting occurred. She was very sad that they couldn’t attend the show. The hospital staff asked if there was any way we could come by and surprise her.

Kevin Fowler continues to write in his post that she was way braver than I could ever be. This whole experience really hit home with me. I have three daughters and I can’t imagine one of my babies going through this. Her parents, Christina and Ruben Zamora are absolute angels and by her side nonstop.

In the video they are seeing 'Loose, Loud, and Crazy' which is an awesome song to see performed live. Have you ever seen Kevin Fowler in concert? If not, try to catch the next KF show that comes to your area.

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