Jon Pardi proposed to his girlfriend, Summer Duncan, during a recent show at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, which means it's now time for the couple to start planning their wedding. Ahead of the 2019 CMA Awards, the country star shared that he and his wife-to-be are well into the process.

"We're getting married in Montana, and it's gonna be beautiful," Pardi tells Taste of Country. The wedding will take place in May, at a venue that overlooks Yellowstone National Park, he adds to People — but to get to the beauty of the big day, they'll have to deal with a little stress.

"It's just so stressful putting a wedding together. We're not really serious about weddings; she was never, like, the little girl who dreamed about a wedding all her life," the "Heartache Medication" singer continues.

However, Duncan did have her mind set on one thing: pizza.

"Instead of cake, she wants pizza. So we're actually doing that," Pardi shares. His fiancee really wanted to cut a pizza instead of cake, but the way the artist sees it, they should be able to have their cake and their pizza, too — so, they'll keep the traditional cake-cutting piece of the wedding reception, and serve pizza as a late-night snack.

"So we've got that planned!" Pardi adds.

Pardi and Duncan met in 2017, through Pardi's mother, People reports. She was a hairstylist in Northern California and met up with the singer for the first time at a show in Denver, Colo. -- and the rest is history. Nashville's famous Ryman Auditorium was one of the couple's first date spots in Nashville, so when Pardi decided to propose, he knew it was the perfect location.

"I wasn't really nervous ... It was a great crowd, the energy was just electric, and I was like, 'I'm gonna do it,'" Pardi recalls of the big moment. "I'd been waiting to do it for five months ... and it was just so quick."

Both Pardi's management team and Duncan's father knew about his plan (Pardi had to tell his future father-in-law to get him to stay in town for another night), but it was still difficult to get Summer onstage with him.

"She was really nervous," Pardi recalls. "We had to push her out, but it was fun."

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