A comment from Charles Barkley over the weekend is going viral. So we had to investigate.

Charles Barkley DESTROYS Galveston, Texas

In case you missed it over the weekend, the New Orleans Pelicans got swept out of the playoffs. Charles Barkley told the team they don't deserve to go to a nice beach in the off season. They should be forced to go a terrible beach like in Galveston, Texas. Poor, Galveston getting roasted out of nowhere during TNT playoff coverage.

Charles Barkley Has Since Apologized (Not Really)

Looks like Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles found out that Charles was talking trash on her hometown. Charles issued an 'apology', but immediately repeats that their water is still dirty and then of course San Antonio gets a burn out of nowhere. The never ending battle between the women of San Antonio and Charles Barkley, which will ALWAYS cause Shaq to loose it. However, are the beaches that dirty in Galveston? I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!

The Top Ten Dirtiest Beaches in Texas! (According to Beachcatcher)

1. Surfside Beach (Surfside Beach, Texas)

2. Jetty Park Beach (Matagorda, Texas)

3. Quintana Beach County Park (Quintana, Texas)

4. Palacios Pavilion Beach (Palacios, Texas)

5. Cole Park Beach (Corpus Christi, Texas)

6. Texas City Dike Beach (Texas City, Texas)

7. Rollover Pass Beach (Gilchrist, Texas)

8. Sea Rim State Park Beach (Sabine Pass, Texas)

9. Galveston Sea Wall Beach (Galveston, Texas)

10. Pleasure Pier (Galveston, Texas)

Well, sorry to Galveston, Texas but the numbers don't lie. You do have one of the nastiest beaches in Texas according to science.

Galveston's Response to Charles Barkley

Looks like the folks in Galveston can take a joke and I imagine the city would love to host Charles for a lovely weekend getaway. Just don't expect him to get in that water.

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