One of the 'perks' of my job is getting to meet my favorite country stars. Believe it or not, most of them are just good-hearted, family oriented people, just like you and me. I take great pleasure in passing along little stories they tell me and stories I hear about them. This time of year is particularly rich with heart-warming tales from their lives.

Eric Church is getting ready to celebrate his first Christmas with his new baby boy. He and his wife Katherine welcomed Boone McCoy this fall, and though baby Boone is still a little too young to enjoy any elaborate gifts, Eric says the greatest gift is simply being able to see Christmas through a child’s eyes again. In an interview with CMT Daily Roundup, Eric said, “I’m most looking forward to that, to seeing that magic. ‘Cause I remember, I loved Christmas, and still do, but I remember it was different when I was a child. And, I may not get it this much this year, because he’s a newborn. But, I look forward in the next few years to seeing that. It just gives a whole new meaning and feeling to Christmastime, and I’m looking forward to that.” In 2012, Eric kicks off his Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour with special guest Brantley Gilbert.
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