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Ordering free COVID in-home test kits from USPS literally took thirty seconds.

As COVID and its latest variants scour through the USA once again, finding tests for the virus has gotten time-consuming again as well. USPS just made it super easy to order FREE in-home COVID rapid tests and it literally took me thirty seconds to order a kit that includes four individual tests.

What did USPS require to know in order to qualify to be sent a free test kit?

Remember when I said super easy? The only information USPS required to know on the form was my name and my address. That's it. Told you. Super easy.

You too can now order free COVID-19 rapid tests and have them shipped to your home by clicking on the link within the United States Postal Service website here.

How many tests are included for free?

Four free rapid tests come in every kit! This is super convenient especially for larger families and for someone who has to prove they tested negative before returning to work. I include this comment as I've been told that the latest OMNICRON variant can stay in your system longer giving you positive test results weeks after your symptoms.

How fast will they ship? What else do I need to know?

According to the USPS website, these free kit orders will begin to ship free in late January so you might want to click on the link today for future needs. I know I did! One free kit of four tests is limited to one kit per mailing address.

What if you need more than four tests?

USPS also offers additional resources for you here as well.

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