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It's National French Fry Day!

You can thank Belgium.

Yep, it's that wonderful time of year when families gather from all over the world to join hand and hand in celebration for the best damn BELGIUM creation since inline skates, the saxophone, Imodium, and oh ya, the stock exchange.

Yep, French fries were created in Belgium, NOT FRANCE.

And yes, Inlines skates, the saxophone, Imodium, and the stock exchange are all Belgian creations as well.

A really brief history of French Fries.

According to resources like National Geographic, the history of French Fries might go something like this...  poor Belgian villagers who were fond of fried fish found one particularly harsh winter that their pond was frozen over and so they fried potatoes instead.

But why are they called FRENCH fries then?

Also according to NG and equally interesting sites like National Day, when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during WW1 they fell in love with Belgian fries, but since the official language of Belgium is French, they called them French fries instead!


Now that you know a little bit more of French fry history, you might be wowed with this little ditty as well. Think about how much Americans love french fries. Maybe you've even ordered french fries a time or two yourself. Now imagine that Belgium consumes 1/3 MORE french fries than the United States especially considering the difference in Belgium and the United States size and population. That's a whole lotta fries! 

When it comes to favorite fries personally, it was my Swiss grandmother who I would watch cut potatoes and fry from scratch that made the best I've ever had. She also made mayonnaise from scratch and now that's the ONLY way I will eat french fries now.

Try it! 

Here is the most viewed " How To" make homemade french fries video on Youtube by Flavours of Food which has been viewed over 23 million times.

Who do you think makes the BEST french fries? Let us know in the survey below!

Survey says!

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